Evgeny Gurenko

Evgeny Gurenko

Artist of scenography

Artist of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Honored Artist of Ukraine

Graduated from the Odessa State Pedagogical University, the art-graphic faculty (1976) by D. Becker.

Created the scenography of the performances “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1989), “The Lion King and the Mistress of the Beasts” (2013), Iolanta (2014), Swan Lake (2014), Lesnaya Skazka (2015), Aida (2016)‚ Sleeping Beauty (2017) on the stage of the Odessa Opera Theater.

Scenographic performances at the children’s theater of Sergei Aksenov “Star Hour”: “Journey to the moon” (2011), “The Wizard of the Emerald City” (2012), “Old Man Hottabych” (2015) (2016)

From 1994 to 2016 a professor at the Odessa Art and Theater School of theatrical-decorative painting and decoration of the play.